The FH-01X Jet is Sleek, Streamlined and Graceful Like a Bat

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: & tuvie
When Thiago Mazzini designed his FH-01X Jet, the focus was primarily on aesthetics rather than engineering. It would be fascinating to see how this machine might be souped up with cutting-edge military technologies.

But from what we can see at this stage of its development, the fighter jet certainly takes the appearance of an avant-garde aviation unit. The airplane has been inspired by forms found in many of our planet's swiftest creatures of the sea and of the sky, but it also incorporates elements of an alien-esque nature. This gives the aircraft a very fitting look for a machine that launches itself from the Earth. The FH-01X Jet was treated like an exquisite sculpture, featuring an expansive curved cockpit window, wings that point forwards and an alluringly aerodynamic profile.