The 'UnlimitedHand' Allows Users to Physically Feel Virtual Reality

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: unlimitedhand & fastcodesign
The 'UnlimitedHand' is a technologically integrative armband that allows users to physically feel virtual reality experiences through the sense of touch.

While VR headsets allow users to visually immerse themselves in virtual environments, this armband further enhances their reality. The band reacts to users' arm movements in tandem with the visual scenes displayed. Instead of instinctively reaching a hand out only to feel thin air, this armband uses a haptic sensor and electronic muscle simulators to send pulses that trigger feelings of resistance or even pain.

The UnlimitedHand is conveniently integrative for developers, meaning that any 3D virtual reality game or video can be easily connected to the armband by simply installing a plug-in for 'Unity.' The ability to feel virtual reality in a tactile way advances the potential of this technology in realms of video games, retail experiences and marketing.