Hummer in the Field

 - Dec 22, 2006
We had always known that Golf is an expensive sport. If it is already expensive, why not making it fancy? That same question was made by Dominik Jackson and Chris Kirk when they were watching a Hummer's race near Los Angeles in the US. Inmediatly they started to work on getting the comercial rights from GM in Europe and Russia, creating their company: MiniHummer Europe.

The company produces golf cars in the shape of famous regular cars. No more standard golf cars, now it is possible to go up and down the golf course in a Hummer H2, or a Cadillac Escalade, or how about a Chevy 1957? Do you like Mercedes? Same as me.

For those golf lovers that also love cars and that may have an extra $14,750 USD, you may can start to see your self driving your fancy golf car in the shape of your favorite real car, which also includes a Sony Explod Sound system, a 12V charger so you never drain your cell phone battery again, or laptop, leather accesories, and if needed you can add it a "Golf balls washer" thinking on that cleaning maniac inside every one of us. Everything inside the Golf Course rather than been on those cheap and useless regular golf cars that everyone uses.

The custom golf car can also be used to be along the neighborhood in short trips. I mean, If you pay so much money for it, at least you deserve to take your dog for a walk in a fancy way.

Class and style, image and status, everything in a custom Golf Car. So let everyone notice that you not only like golf, but also cars. The good ones, of course.