The 'Fall Back Beer Fest' Features Seminars from Industry Experts

This year Colorado saw the return of the 'Fall Back Beer Fest.' When most consumers think of beer festivals, they think of beer tastings. However, this annual event offers a unique take on the traditional beer festival by adding an educational component.

The Fall Back Beer Fest hosts a number of brewers from local Colorado craft breweries. In addition to holding beer tastings, the event also features seminars led by beer industry experts, homebrewing demonstrations and pairing classes. The event is designed to give craft beer enthusiasts and homebrewers an opportunity to learn more about the beer-making process. The event promoters even give away a number of homebrewing starter kits in order to help consumers experiment with the process of making their own craft beer.

The act of combining beer tastings with educational seminars and instructional demonstrations reveals that many consumers are interested in learning more about homebrewing.