'The Scale' by Facture Studio Uses an Innovative Materials

 - Jun 8, 2018
References: dezeen
Considering the rich history of furniture design, it's difficult to imagine anything that hasn't been done before in terms of material usage, and yet Facture Studio has managed to push the envelope with its new collection. 'The Scale', as the collection is called, features several different pieces made out of a captivating combination of wood and resin that creates a monochromatic series of tones as part of the construction process.

There are several pieces in The Scale, including a console, a paperweight-type object, a stool, and a decorative wall mount. These are all crafted by covering carefully honed wood in a yellow or grey resin and putting that resin in a mold. The varied colorings in the pieces come about thanks to different thicknesses in the wood (rather than using dyes in the resin itself).

Image Credit: Facture Studio