Facets of Photography Combine to Produce an Underwater Fantasy

Kristian Schmidt, who specializes in creative fashion photography, collaborated with marine life cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs to create the ‘Whale Shark Series,’ a series of photographs showcasing female models swimming along side with whale sharks that captures a unique combination of two facets of photography that don't normally coincide with another.

The ethereal photograph images have several models along the sides of gigantic whale sharks in mermaid-like fashion. Each shot has the models collaborating with a nonchalant sea fish, which showcases this unspoken bound between woman and sea creature. The use of various lighting elevate the stills into a dream-like scenery that could’ve been only achieved with expert hands and under water manipulation.

The collaborative efforts between the models and sea creature transcend these photographs into a more vivid image of the bond of man and beast.