The 'FaceCradle' Can Support the Head and Neck in a Variety of Positions

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: kickstarter
The 'FaceCradle' is a unique pillow that works to support people's heads when they are traveling long distances.

The unique pillow can be placed in five different positions to support the head of the person using it. Whether it is holding the head back, holding it up when it is leaning forward or keeping the head supported as the user sleeps with it tilting to the side, the pillow is perfect for people who prefer to be as comfortable as possible while traveling. No matter what the position the FaceCradle is in, it allows for comfort, support and ensures that the person using it is able to breathe easily while in a resting state.

This product is an extremely useful one that many frequent travelers will be able to benefit from.