Printomatics Brings Virtual Interactions to Hard Copy 'Likebooks'

 - May 6, 2013
Your virtual life on social media can now come to real life -- in the form of a hard copy book. Likebook is a printed version of your virtual history and interactions on Facebook including anything from your statuses that mark your ups and downs to your tagged photos posted by friends.

A Likebook is the most personalized book you will ever create, give or receive. Each page archives the contents of your Facebook timeline -- the different chapters of your life -- into a tangible memorabilia. Printomatics offers a selection of layout styles, colors and cover choices on its website's interface so clients can perfect the book as they wish.

Because of its personalized nature, Likebooks are a nifty and sentimental gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or company celebrations.

Likebooks are also an innovative way of delivering the virtual world to the real world; your activity on social media can now be opened up and read on professionally compiled pages, not just on a technological device.