The Facebook Games Infographics Show We Pay an Average $55 on Games

 - Sep 23, 2013
Of the approximately 250 million people who play games through Facebook, ten per cent of them paid real money while playing these games -- at an average of $55 -- according to a Facebook games infographic by

Since the introduction of games like Farmville, Mob Wars and Candy Crush, Facebook has seen a huge amount of people flock to the social networking site, with around one in every four users -- up 11 per cent from 2012 -- playing these games. In all, 927 million hours are spent on Facebook games each month.

In total, Facebook made a total of $1 billion in 2011, with 12 per cent of that figure coming from Zynga, which developed the popular games like Farmville and Words with Friends. In the first quarter of this year alone, Facebook reportedly earned $213 million, mostly from social games, which is up 15 per cent compared to first quarter earnings figures from 2012. Perhaps currently the most popular social game, Candy Crush rakes in approximately $850,000 per day, which equates to around $310 million a year, according to the Facebook games infographic.