The Honda Experiment Game Doesn't Believe in Mistakes

Take the latest HTML5 technology; now, add a live chicken, a slinky and a blowtorch, and you've got the Honda Experiment Game. Made by Wieden + Kennedy London for the launch of the new Honda Civic, this chain reaction game offers a glimpse into the future of HTML5 capabilities in gaming.

Players must create chain reactions by placing multiple windows in sequence. Each window contains a video element that reacts differently according to the windows placed around it. Level objectives range from the simple (make a balloon fly) to the slightly more challenging (create a double rainbow). The aim of the game is to follow the process that the Honda engineers undertook in creating the new Civic -- experiment, try different things to see what works.

At the end of the 6 levels, players get a chance to create and personalise their own chains before sharing them with friends.
The most playful part of the Honda Experiment Game doesn't come from what you get right, but what you get wrong. A number of surprises happen when you put unexpected window combinations together. Ever seen a chicken in sunglasses?
What exactly happens when you combine a chicken and a blowtorch? Find out with the Honda Experiment Game.