'Everytable' Offers Nutritious Meals at Fast Food Prices

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: everytable & fastcoexist
'Everytable,' a restaurant chain, hopes to bridge a gap in the food service industry: currently, food either costs a fortune because it's made with fresh, sustainable ingredients, or it's affordable but has virtually no nutritional value whatsoever. Everytable's goal is to make food that's both healthy and affordable so that people without money can still eat nutritious and sustainable meals.

Everytable is able to serve menu items like a Vietnamese chicken salad with pickled carrots and cauliflower or Cajun blackened fish with braised collard greens by changing how health food is delivered. Instead of making the meals to order, they are pre-packaged, letting consumers grab them right from the shelf. That business model isn't just quick and efficient, but it cuts down on labor costs, saving money for consumers.