Estudio Persona Debuts the Flow Collection at ICFF in NY

 - May 29, 2018
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Hispanic design studio Estudio Persona introduces its latest range of furniture entitled the 'Flow Collection.' Estudio Persona is the result of the works of industrial designer Emiliana Gonzales and conceptual artist Jessie Young. The Uruguayan duo blends their creative visions together in creating a narrative that balances a flow of functionality, product, and sculpture -- then translating that to furniture that communicates with space and the body. This is the foundation of all of Estudio Persona's work and the Flow collection draws a strong inspiration from Uruguayan culture, evolving from the natural way of how the two designers perceive the co-existence of space and sculpture.

The Flow series looks for light in a dark space or softness is harsh materials, eluding a consistent aura of movement with its folding and unfolding sculptures. The range is comprised of a sofa, stool, table, and lighting that all endure its own movement of formation and shadows played by shape and color.