The Latest Esther Haamke Blurs Gender Lines

 - Jan 22, 2016
The latest collection by Esther Haamke was presented at Amsterdam Fashion Week and started a new men's beauty craze with stickers. Covering models' faces, these stickers embodied a playful air and are a subtle nod to the fashion industry's recent Kidcore obsession. Kidcore is a style movement inspired by childhood apparel and is the inspiration behind this fun collection.

The menswear range pairs its sticker-faced makeup with fun prints and sporty silhouettes. Esther Haamke presents a classic varsity jacket and shorts combo in a tapestry-inspired fabric and experiments with carnival-themed iconography and text that reads "winner" and "loser."

This playful menswear collection speaks to consumers' growing desire for unisex and male-focused cosmetics. Like male-specific skincare lines and masculine makeup collections, this runway show's sticker-adorned beauty looks blur gender lines.