Entube Sells Spicy Condiments in Squeezable Tubes

 - Sep 9, 2016
References: facebook & foodnavigator-usa
Entube takes age-old flavors from around the world and packages them in a convenient tube format that meets the needs of modern consumers. With the success of sriraha sauce in the US, it is clear that American consumers are eagerly looking for ways to add more heat to their favorite dishes. This brand takes other kinds of spicy condiments and makes them more accessible for everyday homecooks.

Entube currently produces a harissa and a curry paste that are both packaged in convenient, squeezable tubes. The condiments are made from old-world recipes and natural ingredients that help consumers give their favorite dishes a touch of heat. Because of the unique tube format, the pastes can easily be added to everything from meat to salad dressing.

With a new umeboshi flavor in the works, Entube demonstrates how companies can make exotic, global flavors more accessible to American consumers.