These GU Energy Chews Replenish Sodium and Amino Acids

 - Nov 6, 2015
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These GU Energy Chews are designed to replenish the body's supply of energy over the course of a long activity. While there's 20 milligrams of caffeine that delivers an energizing boost, the soft chews also supply calories, carbohydrates and restore sodium, which is lost through sweat. In addition to these, the Energy Chews are also packed with amino acids, which play a part in reducing mental fatigue and damage to muscles.

For use, GU Energy suggests consuming an entire packet five minutes before an activity and replenish energy every 45 minutes with a new pack as needed.

From Blueberry Pomegranate to Watermelon, the energizing chews come in a variety of fruit flavors. For those with an extra sweet tooth, GU Energy also creates a decadent Salted Caramel Apple flavor.