Emojify This Uses Emojis to Shorten Overly Long Website Addresses

 - May 23, 2017
References: emojify.tk & producthunt
Emojify This is further proof that emojis are slowly but surely taking over the world. Tomasz Stefaniak is the creator of this link shortener, which replaces long URLs with condensed web addresses made out of emojis. There are over 50 emoticons in the site's library, including one of an elephant and a dancer. Like other link shortening services Emojify This features analytics to let you see which emoji links are performing well.

Website URLs made up of emojis may sound odd or immature, but the symbols have actually used in professional communications, with Chevrolet once issuing a press release written entirely in the cute keyboard icons. Emojify This could be especially useful when it comes to sharing links on social media, especially on Twitter where character counts are always an issue.