'Emojicon' Celebrates the Popular Digital Runes

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: 2016.emojicon.co & mashable
Considering that there's a movie about emojis coming out in the near future, it should hardly be a surprise that something like Emojicon exists. The event is a three-day fan convention devoted to celebrating, learning about and merchandising emojis.

Though emojis were first created as mere adornments for text message conversations, the characters have taken on lives of their own. They are still used to add emphasis to digital conversations, but they also take on their own culturally anchored meaning depending on memes, cultural behavior and so much else. As such, emojis have earned some devoted fans -- enough that an entire conference like Emojicon is worth putting on.

The Emojicon weekend featured speakers from social media companies like Google and Snapchat as well as a representative for the Unicode Consortium.