JSalvador Depicts Emo Pop Culture Icons in these Paintings

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: superemofriends & thaeger
Superheroes and other fictional characters from TV, movies, and video games look sorrowful in this 'Cute Emo Pop Culture Icons' series. The series, created by JSalvador, has an entire website dedicated to characters in an emotional state. It has become so popular, he also sells clothing with the illustrations on them through his Etsy shop.

Some of the character depictions include Walter White of Breaking Bad laying still on the ground, The Avengers looking down in disappointment and Batman frowning upon the fact that his parents are dead. Even cereal mascots like Tony the Tiger are not always feeling "GRRReat"; he is illustrated staring sadly at his spoon.

"I think this reveals so much about fan culture and our emotional investments in fictional characters," explains JSalvador.