'Patch' Turns Emails into Chat Conversations to Bolster Communication

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: trypatch & betalist
'Patch' is an email chat app that allows users to make communication faster and more efficient. 'Patch' works by converting your emails into a chat conversation that takes place in real-time; this removes the formality of questions or conversations that require immediate responses.

Email is a mainstay communication tool for professionals, but can sometimes create a disconnect when answers are delayed or come in too late. As such, 'Patch' helps to upgrade existing email accounts to cut down on the instance of response delays or other issues that can sometimes arise.

The 'Patch' email chat app enables one-on-one or group chats and works even if someone who's in the conversation doesn't have the app. The aim of 'Patch' is to help enhance email to be more future-ready and collaborative.