Paul Nicholls' Elevated Brood Has a Sheltering Skeletal Presence

 - Mar 31, 2011
References: pauldnicholls &
When you look at the Elevated Brood project, it looks like the skeleton of a dinosaur was unearthed and placed around a building to add more shelter. It is this organic nature that makes this structure so stunning. Considering that it is home to an aquarium makes you realize why the designer went in this direction.

Inspired by Paper Nautilus, the Elevated Brood was designed by Paul Nicholls. Its shell-like structure holds a maternal vibe as well, as it protects everything that it holds within.

Inside the Elevated Brood there are display chandeliers that can be lowered independently via remote control by the visitor. It also encourages a graceful use of water by forming a strong relationship with the Serpentine Lake.