Take a Ride in the Electroland 'Skate 1.0' Skateboard Park

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: electroland.net & mocoloco
The Electroland 'Skate 1.0' art installation is a study in the effective use of lights and sound to create a virtual environment. The 60 four-foot fluorescent lights and 12.2 channel sound system turn a seemingly stark white room into a city center's skateboard culture stop. The project was created by Electroland as part of their ongoing experiments in light and sound in relation to creating imagined surroundings. Lights travel through the fluorescent tubes that decorate the walls, while sounds of skateboard wheels rolling across pavement and running up against ramps is played throughout the room.

The Electroland 'Skate 1.0' project premiered at the Los Angeles A+D Museum on July 7, 2011, as part of the COME IN! 2: SURF.SKATE.BIKE exhibit. The art and design company plans on continuing to experiment with virtual environments via use of light and sound. I'm interested to see how far Electroland is able to go with their tests in the power of visual and auditory senses.