'Elderly Animals' Captures Animals in the Twilight of Their Lives

 - Apr 14, 2011
References: isaleshko & amusingplanet
If you're an animal lover then there is a good chance that Isa Leshko's 'Elderly Animals' will either warm or break your heart. Leshko is an American photographer who has turned her lens on the elderly animals of the world as a way to cope with her own grief.

Leshko was inspired to photograph elderly animals after she spent a year caring for her elderly mother who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. She decided not to photograph her mother during this time, instead choosing to photograph elderly animals in animal sanctuaries around the United States.

The main reason why Elderly Animals is so powerful is because nothing like this has been done before. Most photographers choose to photograph young and vibrant animals as opposed to old and graying ones. Elderly Animals focuses primarily on farm animals, but there are plenty of dog pictures which I found to be the most moving. If you want to see animal photography like you've never seen it before then be sure to check out Isa Leshko's Elderly Animals. Be sure to have a hanky handy.