Eight Treasures of Happiness Branding has a Humanizing Quality

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: victorbranding.tw & lovelypackage
As time goes on, consumers are losing touch with the people behind the production of their choice goods, but concepts like that of Eight Treasures of Happiness packaging attempt to bring buyers back to that sense of the source. The Victor Branding Design Company has accomplished this by literally putting the faces of farmers onto these cartons of rice.

It is highly likely that the characters are actually fictional, depicted in a lighthearted caricature style, but they represent the different sorts workers behind the brand, doing everything from the planting and harvesting to the supervising and the distribution of the Taiwanese product. Whether or not the actual people filling these roles are as jovial about their jobs as Eight Treasures of Happiness packaging suggests, consumers would feel good about buying these carefully composed parcels.