Edward Crutchley's New Line Features Unconventionally Bold Fashion

Edward Crutchley is a luxury menswear designer that's known for his artisan textile techniques and boundless creativity. Recently, he joined with Clo, described by F*cking Young! as "a cutting-edge 3D garment visualization software that allows him to digitally sew and drape flat garment shapes into detailed 3D renderings."

The result of this collaboration is Edward Crutchley's Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which was presented with a uniquely styled lookbook. Throughout the images that it is comprised of, a male model is shown in a diverse range of garments. They're made to contrast, with tight-fitting floral ensembles presented with loose pastel plaid pieces. On many of the garments, immaculate embroidery decorates the fabric -- adding tremendously to the luxuriousness of it.