Eclectic Productions is a UK Social Enterprise With Inspiring Projects

Eclectic Productions is a London-based, UK not-for-profit social enterprise providing media platforms through radio and television projects and adult education programs.

The flagship project of Eclectic Productions is its youth-led Reprezent radio show, which began as a one-time, special program airing on knife violence in 2008. The Reprezent program aims to improve the lives of at-risk youth, working in impoverished areas of the United Kingdom to provide talented young people with an inspired platform. Since 2011, the radio show has been broadcast across London to over 350,000 young people, according to its website.

Additionally, Eclectic Productions runs an adult education program, which provides classes in basic skills and English language, as well as one aimed at personal development.

Eclectic Productions partners up with business and organizations seeking to meet their social objectives and contribute to positive change. Through these kinds of partnerships, companies can make strides in terms of socially conscious behavior and Eclectic Productions can continue to have a positive impact on communities. A partnership can mean anything from the company volunteering their time or donations, to commissioning a particular project or sponsoring a certain cause.

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