The E/B Office SEAT Installation is Stacked

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: eboarch & mymodernmet
E/B Office's 'SEAT' display in Atlanta, Georgia aims to redefine the common seating experience. The undulating 400-chair structure does so in a grandiose manner, drawing considerable attention to an issue and cause that many overlook on a daily basis.

Designers Yong Ju Lee and Brian Brush executed the SEAT exhibit as a part of the annual Flux Project, a local event that aims to promote public Atlanta-based art.

Lee and Brush worked from the outside in to create this massive display. The wooden chairs are attached to one another with screws and bolts, and the designers claim that the structure can support the weight of visitors who wish to hunker down upon the installation.

SEAT claims to undo the 'normal' conception of sitting down, and it has certainly accomplished this very goal here via this unusual cascading model.