Whyte & Mackay and Patisserie Chanson Created the Scotch Cross Bun

 - Apr 17, 2019
References: whyteandmackay & prexamples
Many people look forward to enjoying the taste of a classic Easter bun this spring and those who are over the age of 18 have the chance to try a unique whisky-infused creation from Whyte & Mackay and Patisserie Chanson. This collaboration between the Scotch whisky maker and the dessert bar introduces a grown-up version of hot cross buns that's infused with The Dalmore. As such, the finished product is said to be a bun that's sweet, rich and served with a whisky glaze that has notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate.

The aptly named Scotch Cross Buns are set to be served over Easter Weekend at New York City's Patisserie Chanson. Fortunately for those who live in London, Scottish restaurant Mac & Wild will also be adding these Easter buns to its menu for a limited time.