The Duras Daiba Interior by Sinato Plays a Trick on the Eyes

 - Aug 26, 2011
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Tokyo shoppers who set foot in the Duras Daiba boutique are in for a treat. This mall shop has an interior -- designed by Sinato -- that decieves the eyes: the ceiling looks lower than it actually is.

The reason for this visual deception? To bring the customers as close to the product offerings as possible. The designers at Sinato created this special spacial design to eliminate the "void" that usually accompanies high ceilings; these large spaces are typically useless because in stores, the "buying and selling is centered close to human body," explains The Retail Blog.

To create the Duras Daiba boutique's spacial distortion, the Sinato designers installed a fake ceiling 2.25 meters high (the actual ceiling is 3.65 meters high) made of expand-metal and stepped platforms, which offer places to display bags, heels and other accessories.