'Drug Use on American College Campuses' is on the Rise

 - Apr 15, 2012
References: visual.ly & complex
'Drug Use on American College Campuses' shows the continual to growth of college kids taking their youthful experiences too far. However, it's not just drugs that are becoming a problem, as alcohol is also becoming more popular. Nearly 90% of students have tried alcohol upon arriving in their first year. Alcohol itself is not always the problem, but it can lead to things like unprotected sex, assault, injuries and even rape.

Party drugs are one of the reasons students are popping pills. Due to increased levels of stress and easy access to "study drugs," 50 to 60% of college seniors say they have abused Adderall or Ritalin to help them focus. The combination of these drugs with alcohol is terrible for one's body and more so for their emotional state.