Denso's 'Driver Status Monitor' will Wake Drowsy Drivers Using the AC

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: & cnet
Japanese autoparts manufaturer Denso has announced a new system, called the Driver Status Monitor, that's aimed at preventing collisions due to driver fatigue. The Driver Status Monitor is a camera aimed at the driver and connected to the car's console. Using facial recognition technology, Denso's system can detect when drivers are fatigued and make an effort to either wake them up or convince them to get off the road.

In its current iteration, the Driver Status Monitor will blast a stream of cool air at a driver's neck if it senses that the driver is close to nodding off. The facial recognition software makes this assessment based on things like drooping eyelids or a bobbing head.

Though currently only available in Japan, the system could be a huge safety feature for any and all truck drivers who frequently make long overnight trips.