'Cocomi' Increases Road Safety by Monitoring Driver Alertness

 - Feb 27, 2017
References: 1242 & japantrends
There are several in-car technologies like steering wheels and smart seats that have been designed to detect driver alertness, as well as rings and other wearables. But Cocomi is a new option for drivers that takes the form of an undershirt.

This drowsiness-detecting undershirt makes the most of Toyobo's Cocomi material and Union Tool's Safe Driving Support Tool Drowsiness Notifier DSD, which is an algorithm for spotting electric signal patterns of the heart that signify the onset of sleep.

The undershirt is incredibly thin and flexible, meaning that it will be comfortable and move with the body as a base layer naturally should. Currently, the Chunichi Rinkai Bus Company in Japan is testing this technology on bus drivers who are involved in long-haul drives.