Don't Miss a Sec by Monica Bonvicini is Controversially Voyeuristic

 - Sep 4, 2012
References: neoaztlan & thegreenhead
The Don't Miss a Sec art installation tests the boundaries of privacy. Using the one-way mirrors often associated with police interrogating rooms, the installation is a controversial public toilet that only caters to the daring. From the outside, all that is perceivable is the reflection of the toilet's surroundings. From the inside, however, the person using the washroom gets a front row seat to everything happening beyond, allowing him or her to not miss anything.

Created by Monica Bonvicini, the Don't Miss a Sec may inspire beating hearts, especially when some passersby use the reflecting surfaces as a mirror, yet it also has deeper meaning aside from simply revolving around the voyeuristic. The British artist reveals, "It relates to the urge, during big art events where so much is about "see and be seen," to not miss anything."