Don Luis Discourages J-Walking in the Name of Street Safety

 - Dec 11, 2011
References: & designbuzz
Even with illuminated safe-to-walk signage and designated zebra crossings, it's clear that people will continue to bolt across the street in the interest of time efficiency. Don Luis embodies an uncharted strategy for reducing the number of pedestrian road accidents by expressing a little more relatable personality than the lit-up walking man stuck to the traffic light.

Daniel Ricardo Villa Balbin conceived this character, Don Luis, to point walkers in the direction of safe places to cross the street. If you happen to stumble upon his outlined image with his index finger pointing left or right, you are advised to continue along the sidewalk by that route until you discover a Don Luis giving a thumbs up. His flat contoured image extends a with a painted yellow line along the curb. This creates a visual barrier that breaks at crosswalks when he indicates it is safe to step out.