From Time-Sensitive Traffic Signals to Chromatic Car Intersections

 - Dec 2, 2012
You may find yourself wishing you lived in a one-horse town without a stoplight after you've seen all of these cheeky crosswalk creations.

The crosswalk is perhaps the most important part of any urban jungle. If humans and drivers are going to meet anywhere, it's going to be the crosswalk. Designers have been working on ways to improve both stoplights and crosswalks to ensure that these accidental encounters don't happen.

Crosswalks are also the place where people waste a lot of time. Fortunately, creatives from all walks of life have come up with ways to make crosswalks more interesting. These cheeky crosswalk creations include colorful crosswalks created for art lovers and gamified signal lights that turn an interminable wait into a quest for a high score. Next time you're waiting to stop talking to the orange hand and greet the little white man, ask yourself, "Don't I deserve more?"