This Pedestrian Traffic Switch is Motion-Sensored

 - Jul 5, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Although I understand the principle behind prompting intersection lights to change as needed, the cuing controls must be terribly unsanitary surfaces. The Pedestrian Traffic Switch has been developed in part with this in mind, ensuring that people on foot won't be sharing germs with the entire city.

Kamil Laszuk designed this bright orange pole-mounted system which can be easily attached and installed to work with existing traffic lights. The bold color choice makes the device easily visible to all who may be searching for it, and its mode of operation is fairly intuitive.

Without a large tactile button to press, walkers may see the vertical line of LED lights and register that a motion sensor is integrated. After your hand traces the lit series between the wings of the Pedestrian Traffic Switch, the "walk" symbol will shortly appear.