The Matt Trethe for Domingo Rodriguez Shoot is Sensual and Suave

Matt Trethe was lensed for the Domingo Rodriguez line of casual suits. Captured by Enokae, the series boasts a moody weight. The photos take advantage of highly contrasted lighting, emphasizing the angsty expression of the model. The photographic technique is juxtaposed with playful posturing by Trethe. The model’s straight and narrow facial expression is upheld as he jumps into the air in a spontaneous outburst, his neat hair becoming elegantly disheveled. The series feels like a gorgeously rendered scene of stress release.

The model is adorned with Domingo Rodriguez’s sartorial apparel. Each featured look is simplistic and charming with sensual attributes. The editorial was captured by Enokae, an Irish photographer based out of London. He has the ability to take highly simple conceptual suits and lend them depth and complexity.