WOOF! FOR DOGS is a Line of Snack Foods for Canine Companions

 - Oct 9, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
WOOF! FOR DOGS is a Brazilian brand of functional dog snacks for owners looking for something good to feed their dogs while on the go. Boasting charismatic packaging and a graphical logo, the WOOF! FOR DOGS offering is one that feels modern and responsible. The range is categorized by different ages and sizes of breed.

The packaging and branding scheme for WOOF! FOR DOGS was created by Sao Paulo-based AgĂȘncia BUD. Designed to represent the "comical and charismatic" elements always present in a pet-owner relationship, the packaging depicts supremely happy pets likely just after they have been fed.

The WOOF! FOR DOGS line indicates the shift to "petsumerism," in which a considerable budget is allocated to quality items far and beyond mere function to the benefit of one's pet.