Eat Your Brains Out Any Time with the DIY Edible Skull

 - Sep 27, 2012
References: makeprojects
Your Halloween guests will never see it coming with this surprisingly squishy, DIY edible skull.

Made with lots of deli meat, Jell-O, pickled onions, olives and lettuce, this chunky head will be a tasty treat. Simply smother the skull with red Jell-O, which will work like an adhesive, and layer on the deli meat. Pork is probably your best bet since the color is more pink and resembles human flesh more than beef or chicken. The olives and pickled onions will be the eyes and teeth, but if you want to be extra creepy, you can get fake googly eyeballs at the store. As guests start to peel off the layers of scrumptious flesh, it will release the Jell-O, reminiscent of coagulated blood. Spooky!

This is an excellent table fixture and is easily transportable too if you plan on scaring your friends at their party.