This Easy-to-Make Facial Lotion is Made from All-Natural Products

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: allfortheeveryday
With all the different ingredients and chemicals used nowadays in over-the-counter lotions and soaps, deciding to go the all-natural route is becoming ever more appealing, and these DIY beeswax soap bars are a cost-effective way to go about it.

While buying organic or natural cosmetics at your pharmacy or drugstore is certainly one option, it usually ends up costing you way more than you wanted to spend. This DIY project however, lets individuals make their own all-natural facial lotions right in the convenience of their own home. Just melt 1lb of beeswax over boiling water, and then add a touch of coconut oil and almond oil. Pour the concoction into a cupcake pan and then let it cool over night. Once cooled, simply pop the bars out of the tray and they're ready to use!

Featured on the blog 'All for the Everyday,' these DIY soaps are a great option for anyone concerned about what ingredients are actually in their products.