Gena-Mour Barrett Imagines Disney Films with Modern Feminist Titles

 - Sep 28, 2015
References: buzzfeed & designtaxi
The creative mind of Gena-Mour Barrett from Buzzfeed recreated a series of Disney movie titles using realistically modern terms with feminist tones. The titles are both hilarious and reflective of society’s surge towards gender equality.

Barrett re-introduces viewers to classic films such as Sleeping Beauty, which is now titled ‘What Part of I’m Sleeping Do You Not Understand?’ or Cinderella, which has been re-named ‘Stop Chasing Me You Creep.’ The humorous images maintain the same illustrations and characters but they incorporate the use of vulgar language and direct phrases that women in today’s society would use.

This artist is demolishing the dated ideas that women are meant to cook and clean. Each of these new Disney movie titles is empowering to women by addressing a serious topic through witty phrases.