Dinara Sakhabudinova Creates a Subtly Surreal World

 - Mar 15, 2011
References: dinarra & whitezine
There's something slightly magical about Dinara Sakhabudinova's photographic works. With a focus on portraits, she takes rather simple shots and imbues them with a touch of mystique and creativity that allows them to skim the surface of surrealism.

Hailing from the Ukraine, Dinara Sakhabudinova's imaginative eye is made more unique because of her insistence to keep one foot in reality while letting the other foot's toes dip into a pool of endless possibilities. Overall, her models embody grace and sensuality while showing that the everyday can be as magical as Harry Potter's Hogwarts.

Aside from those notions, Dinara Sakhabudinova has a firm grasp on photo techniques such as lighting, color and composition. She manipulates them splendidly to create her stunning world.