The Deo Perfume Candy Secretes Floral Scent From the Inside Out

 - Nov 9, 2012
References: perfumecandy & huffingtonpost
The Deo Perfume Candy may be an edible deodorant, but fear not, it won't entail anything as unappetizing as eating actual deodorant. Instead, as its name suggests, it is a sweet that uses geraniol, "a natural antioxidant and its fragrance that, once consumed as a candy, leaves the body through its pores, creating a naturally sweet smell that can last for hours," according to the Deo Perfume Candy website.

Rose-flavored, the Deo Perfume Candy claims to be able to make a 145 pound person secrete a floral aroma for up to six hours. Considering that people are often encouraged to look after themselves starting from the inside and working out, this may be just the solution for those suffering from body odor issues. The Deo Perfume Candy is also conveniently sugar-free.