From Air-Freshening Toilet Paper to Bullet-Shaped Scent Diffusers

 - Feb 24, 2013
Fresheners are a practical way to brighten up a room or space with some inviting and natural scents, but if you're looking to get a little quirky with your overall ambiance, then these unusual air fresheners will certainly add an eclectic touch to any space.

While air fresheners are often associated with scents that are light, airy or fruity, these out-of-the-ordinary freshener designs range from those that are oddly shaped to those that smell like things you wouldn't normally associate with having a fresh feeling. From USB-shaped air fresheners to those that incorporate a more manly and rugged scent, these eccentric products are sure to add a fun and personal touch to any space.

These unusual air fresheners are perfect for those hoping to find something a bit quirky and creatively scented to hang in their cars or bathroom.