'Fresh Blow' Disperses Deodorizers as it Whizzes Around the Room

 - Jan 7, 2009
References: yankodesign
Remember when you'd inflate a balloon and then let go of it, giggling as it whizzed around the room and deflated? That's the technologically-advanced method the 'Fresh Blow' air deodorizer uses to release its scent in your space.

There are three ways to use 'Fresh Blow,' two of which involve a balloon. The simplest method is to open the canister and inhale its scent directly. More initiated individuals can blow up a balloon through the 'Fresh Blow' capsule, where they can let go and let it fly for a concentrated burst of odor or let it sit on a table or desk, slowly emitting its scent.

The 'Fresh Blow' air deodorizer is a concept by Moonhwan Lee.