Comments On Consumerism by Walter Robinson

 - Mar 15, 2009   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: walterrobinsonart
If one artist could sum up my nightmares with his work, it would be Walter Robinson. He investigates the ways in which we create identities out of the products we consume. Amongst his inspiration are branding, corporate logos, mascots, cartoon characters, and advertising text.

As always, the beauty lies in the details. It is these touches, such as the napalm air freshener tree, that really make this series of installations work for me.

Implications - The idea of lampooning corporate behavior isn't new, but it's become more intense and relevant considering the irreparable, self-induced blows that large companies have dealt against the environment and its inhabitants -- both human and non-human. These days, it's incredibly important that businesses separate themselves from the negative image associated with greedy, destructive corporations by adopting green policies or engaging in corporate citizenship.