The Latest Dye Craze Pays Tribute to a Casual Piece of Clothing

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: designtaxi
Although very much related to the pastel hair fad that appears to be staying strong, Denim Hair is a slightly different take in that it range from lighter hues to deeper indigos. After all, it is inspired by the article of clothing known as jeans, which come in different varieties. That said, hopefully people don't decide to embrace the greener tones of Denim Hair.

With a bit of an ombre effect that is supposed to mimic the washed out look of denim, these Denim Hair fad are quite magical. Full of dimension, the look is diverse enough for any time of the year as well. Some people might get it done to embrace the cold blues of winter while others might see it as the promising blues of clear skies on a sunny summer day.