These Eerie and Somber Death Portraits are Mesmerizing and Sad

 - Jun 29, 2014
References: walterschels & beautifuldecay
Capturing faces of individuals before and after death, this eerie death portrait series will haunt you for awhile. Recording the dying and the dead for his series 'Life Before Death,' photographer Walter Schels documents numerous terminally ill people as they wait for their ominous last breath.

The intimate portraits are somber and simply styled. Trying to conquer the fear of dying, this haunting death portrait series is tastefully done in silvery black and white tones which gives the series a slightly Victorian post-mortem look. What makes the images so surreal is the fact that the people in the images look like they're sleeping as opposed to dead. And in the images where the subjects are still alive it feel like they are looking right at the audience as if trying to say "you are the last thing I saw."