These Sorcerer Pants are Literally Made From a Dead Man's Skin

 - Nov 29, 2013
References: designtaxi
If you're ever wondering where to go to see pants made from a real dead man's skin, check out the display at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft; the pants on display was actually made in the 17th century from a dead man's (sorcerer) skin.

According to legend, wearing a dead sorcerer's skin brings good luck and magical powers that would be transferred from the pants to the person wearing them. Magicians would also make deals that state that whoever passes away first would be made into necropants. In order to make the magical pants, the living person would be required to remove the entire skin of the most recently deceased sorcerer in one piece, wearing it as a conjunction with his body. The man wearing the pants will have to steal a coin from a widow storing it in the scrotum of the trousers next to a magical sign -- a nábrókarstafur.