David Joseph Perez has a Perfect and Clean Signature Style

 - Apr 13, 2011
References: djosephoto & whitezine
David Joseph Perez is a master at composition by the looks of his impressive photographic portfolio. Filled with carefully crafted images, it's all about placement, poses and settings. Of course, his work doesn't look forced at all, just meditated to the point of seemingly candid perfection.

Born in Los Angeles, David Joseph Perez is currently based in New York City. Inspired by anything and everything, he imbues each project and scene with his signature style of clean and perfect captures. In addition to composition, color is obviously important to him as well.

David Joseph Perez freelances as a commercial and editorial photographer. His work has appeared in such publications as Let Them Eat Cake UK, TimeOut New York, Clam UK and 100-Women Magazine.