Tom Sachs' Darth Vader Fridge Will Bring Cold Drinks to the Dark Side

New York-based artist Tom Sachs created a life-sized Darth Vader fridge that will surely make fans of the Star Wars series swoon.

The Darth Vader fridge is made with the use of several mini refrigerators stacked atop of one another. To further cement the relationship with the Dark Lord of the Sith, Sachs included several cans of beer in the fridge just for fun.

The life-sized re-creation of the Sith Lord is designed with its iconic black cape along with its signature helmet. Fans will undoubtedly admire this work of epic proportions, since the only other character from the Star Wars franchise that was remade into a fridge was R2-D2. The Darth Vader fridge was built for fans who posses more of an affinity for the dark side.